Your Picture Clock Updates Coming soon!

I’m currently in the process of creating customizable clock hands for Your Picture Clock and should have them finished within the week at the most. Along with this I’ll be revamping the configuration screen UI and also trying to bring in exportable themes. This will bring the version up to v2.0 as its a major update.


2 Responses to “Your Picture Clock Updates Coming soon!”

  1. Just downloaded and I really like it. Is there any way to add png support for each hand so I can edit each one individually? Also, adding a seconds hand would be awesome! I’m using this to recreate some of my favorite watches on my android, but it’s just not quiet there yet without png support for the hands 😦

    • When I started building the app I actually built a custom widget which exposed the clock hands for editing. The problem with this is that Android does not allow you to load custom widgets. It is locked down so that you can only use what is provided for you. Therefore I wasn’t able to get a handle on the images for the clock at runtime but only at compiletime. I’ve tried several different solutions and asked around the android community but no one seems to be able to come up with a solution. As for a second hand, again this would be easy if I had my own custom widget but the Android clock does not actually have a concept of a second hand. The best thing I can do for you is if you send me the clock hands and I can add them to the application and release a new version with your hands which I’d be more than happy to do as it benefits both of us. I’ll have another look at getting this working but I haven’t got high hopes!

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