8-Bit Mario Clock DCMA take down

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Unfortunately it seems like my 8-bit Mario clock Widget has been suspended by Google due to a take down request form Nintendo. Never mind, you can recreate it using Your picture clock by using your own mario image.


Your Picture Clock Updates Coming soon!

Posted in Android Market on March 20, 2011 by deliveryninja

I’m currently in the process of creating customizable clock hands for Your Picture Clock and should have them finished within the week at the most. Along with this I’ll be revamping the configuration screen UI and also trying to bring in exportable themes. This will bring the version up to v2.0 as its a major update.

Icon Buddy Released

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Icon Buddy Market Link

Just knocked up a simple app to help replace a set of images on the sd card.

Used to replace the dock icons for launcher pro for example. Set the images to the ones generated by icon buddy. Now every time you copy images it will replace those being used and change the dock style.

Using android device as secondary monitor

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I was doing some investigation on how to use the android device as a secondary monitor and couldn’t find anything. Also using the usb to pc connection is a no no so I couldn’t code anything up for it. It has to be http which was bound to be rubbish.

Anyway I had a look at how the ipad worked as secondary monitor on a mac. It uses a fake display driver to create a second monitor then just uses vnc to display the secondary screen. Not difficult to do on the android device.

Check these links to get a secondary monitor running without having to actually have one.

Secondary Monitor on Windows 7 (Superuser.com)

Faking a dual monitor (Superuser.com)

Heres some pics of it running

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Ok so its a bit hacky, but once you get it running its fine.

First I downloaded android vnc client which is free and open source so lets hope it gets better.


Follow the instructions on there to set-up Tight VNC as well as your host application.

Tight VNC

Make sure to set the timing on Tight VNC to 100ms not 1000ms!
Make sure to set the colours on android vnc to 24bit (assuming your on your home network)

I set up a 2nd screen in windows by having a vga cable from my 9800GTX to a old projector. It doesn’t have to be on to do this. I then set the res to 800×600.

I had to mess around placing on my gadgets and positioning and zooming the screen on android vnc first time round. Will be much quicker now my widgets are in place.

Its not good for video but for gadgets it works fine. I tried to find a way to emulate the G19 gaming keyboard colour lcd screen and supposidly if you install the G15 drivers and hold ctrl and shift you can get the LCD emulator but I couldn’t get it to work.



remember to set your phone to no screen off when charging or to a delay of 30 minutes so it does not turn your screen off.

I’ve also tried this with logmein as well and it works quite well with that too. The advantage is you can select the screen res and also the monitor to use.

If you do not use the phone then logmein will time-out after a short period of time. Also it does not work over local networks so you must go through the net.


Your Picture Clock Images

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Here are the clock faces that I used to test. There all picked up from google image search, also includes the Mario png used for the 8-bit mario clock so you can uninstall it if you have your picture clock. Just extract them to your sd card and browse to them using Astro or File Manager.

Clock Faces Zip

New Your Picture Clock Widget Released

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Your Picture Clock is a new customizable widget for Android. It allows you to set your own clock faces, with a selection of clock hands from any images that you want and at three different sizes. Great for when your creating a custom theme and you need to modify your clock to match.

  • Browse images via gallery or file browser
  • Supports Transparent Images
  • Supports Large Image sizes
  • Automatically resizes images to fit widget size
  • 3 Different sizes 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 tile sizes available
  • 6 different coloured clock hands

I’ll be actively supporting this app and have some new features lined up which I’am currently working on.


  • Customizable clock hands, select your own pictures to use. I’ll be providing some templates for these when the features ready!


  • Customizable application launch. Allow any application to be launched from the widget.

Small fixes will also be done as a priority as and when they are reported.

Feel free to get in touch with any suggestions and I’ll try and add them in!

Some clocks I made!

Configuration Screen

Mario Clock

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I have released the a new analog clock widget “8-bit mario clock widget” to the android market place.

Its pretty simple and contains three different widget sizes shown below.

I will no longer be supporting this widget and v1.2 is the final version!

4x4 Widget size

1x1 size widget